Ivanov Oleksiy


2008 – graduated Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

2008 - 2011 – internship at the MM Dental Implants and Prosthesis Center

Since 2010 – works at MM Dental Implants and Prosthesis Center (Lviv city)

Since 2012 – works at Stomatological clinic “Stomatprofy”


Theoretical and practical achievements


Basic training in temporary and constant prosthesis on implants. Features of forming of prostheses occlusion surface of implants.

Main planning conceptions of modern restoration orthopedic treatment.


Foundations of dynamic and static occlusion (prof. Samy Sandhaus, Switzerland)

Master class: Stages of esthetic prosthesis of temporary and completely ceramic constructions on implants with considering of individual features of occlusions (prof. M.M. Antonik, Moskow).


“Holistic approach in treatment and rehabilitation of stomatological patients” (prof. Chechin O.D.).

13th international congress IAP (Lviv).

Lector of 5th Eastern European conference in dental implantation.

“Introductory seminars in orthodontics. Teleroentgenography , temporo-mandibular joint and condillography”. (prof. Slavicek, Germany).

“Occlusion and deviation of occlusion in cases of II, III classes and decussate bite. Conceptions of splint therapy” (prof. Slavicek, Germany).

“Introductory seminars in orthodontics, Slavicek and Sato conceptions”(Institute of Advanced Dental Technologies, Ukraine)


2012 – 2015 postgraduate study in Stuttgart city (Germany) on professor Slavicek course in Steinbeis Transfer Institute Biotechnology in Interdisciplinary Dentistry.


Study in Motility and Organic Psycho-osteopathy School (prof. Antonio F. Gonzalez, Spain)