Izay Vladyslav

Uzhgorod, Sh. Petefi Square 25/6.

tel.: +38 (050) 673 78 43

e-mail: v.izaj@mail.ru



Specialization: “orthopedic stomatology”, “therapeutic stomatology”.

Graduated Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University in 2000.

Finished an internship in 2002.

Work experience 13 years.


Theoretical and practical improvements


“Doctor Lorenzo Vanini method of stratification on front teeth”


Course of gnathology and articulation in the system AmannGirrbach


“Mane diagnostic conceptions and planning of orthopedic rehabilitation of dental patients”

“Esthetic restorations of front teeth group”

“New technologies for success of endodontic therapy”

“Prosthetic in dentistry” Csaba Szego


“Current issues in the orthopedic dentistry”

“Precision and esthetic are the ways to success”

“Modern technologies in the removable prosthetic. Stabilization of removable prosthesis with mini-implants”

“Using of innovation laser technologies in the daily practice of the dentist”


“Evolution of the smile” lecturer Baburov O. V.

“Adhesive technic in the micro invasive teeth restoration” lecturer Dmitry Ruzanov

“Modern approach in the orthopedic restoration” Dr. Domenico Massironi


“Ceramic against composite” Federico Ferraris

“Prosthesis on implants” Dr. Budovski O.

“Ergonomics at the dental cabinet” Dr. Wolf Neddermeyer

Internship at the dental clinic Dr. M. Yakubovich Pforzheim in Germany


“International dental congress in Kyiv”

“Prosthesis on implants” Krasnozon O.

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