Pediatric dentistry in L’viv. Painless treatment of milk teeth.

The first visit to dentist is very important – it forms attitude to dentists.  Probably often we  experienced painful teeth treating in our childhood and memories of these events last in our memory as the greatest fear of the childhood. Dear parents, perhaps it is no need to convince you that teeth are very important in the formation of health of your child. Do you remember that you had to go through at the time of removing milk teeth...

To paraphrase the famous dictum we can say: "If you thought about your child's teeth healthy - you are late! It is too late to think – you should act!”. Why so categorically? As always - everything is simple: it was necessary to think before pregnancy ... To think and act. In fact, before pregnancy it was necessary to get rid of bad habits (such as smoking) for both prospective parents, to get full nutrition for future mother etc.

We are late… So what to do now?” - You will ask. “Choose children’s dentist” – will be our answer. Yes, we agree with you that this, like any other choice in life, is challenging. Moreover, when we are talking about the health of your child. Many parents mistakenly assume that there is nonet to treat milk teeth, because they still will fall out. They will fall, but how much damage they can cause untreated milk teeth! It is worth noting, that these problems from childhood often "pass" into adulthood. When it will be necessary to spend more time and money, and how it will affect the general health, no one can say for sure.

Pediatric Dentistry is highlighted in a separate section, because the treatment of milk teeth in children has its specifics. First of all milk teeth has some anatomic specifics. Secondly, pediatric dentistry patients, by themselves are special, and therefore approach to them is not only an individual, but we can say - unique. In other words, this means that children's dentist, except that must be highly qualified specialist should be also a psychologist, a child psychologist. In addition, not all drugs can be used in pediatric dentistry. Moreover, in the other way, materials often used in pediatric dentistry intended only for children. For example, materials for the sealing of root canals of milk teeth have ability to dissolve along with the roots. If canals of milk teeth will be sealing with “adult” materials it can cause serious problems.

There is an opinion that until the teeth do not have dark spots – there is no tooth decay. However, truth is that child decay is “light” and can be recognized only by specialist. Generally, the child must be accustomed to regular (every 2-3 months) visits to the dentist immediately after teeth are cutting. First, it must be as a game, without any harm (or discomfort) child must get used to the fact that it is necessary occasionally show to the "good lady" its teeth, but at home, together with their parents clean them every day.

Due to low level of fluorine in water in Ukraine – often we reveal decay in most people. We recommend protecting your children teeth with help of simple, but very effective, procedures (for example, fissure sealing and fluoridation). In summary, it is worth mentioning the old truth that the disease is much easier to prevent rather than cure.