Papka Oksana

Doctor-dentist-therapist, endodont

1989 - graduated from the Lviv State Medical Institute

1989-1990 - internship at the Lviv State Medical Institute

since 1996 - works at the Stomatological clinic “Stomatprofy”


Theoretical and practical improvements


The cycle of thematic improvement “Modern methods of endodontic treatment” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Course on corporation technology and materials “Dentsplay International” “Restoration of front and side teeth” (Lviv, Ukraine)


Practical course of modern endodontics “Possibilities of modern endodontics and microsurgery: application of rotational nickel-titanium tools and the best modern obturation systems for root canals System-B and Obtura-II” (Lviv, Ukraine)


Master class “Non-surgical periodontal therapy (concept)”

Workshop “From storage to use: cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine”


Espertise training course from the company 3M ESPE “Improvement of clinical and esthetic result through indirect restorations. Clinical steps of predicted technology in daily practice” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Innovation Endodontic Program “Root canal treatment by endodontic instruments of new generation. One file for one root  canal. Wave One. 3D Obturation”   (Lviv, Ukraine)


Lecture “Local anesthetics and allergy” (Vinnycya, Ukraine)

Master class “Emotional and intellectual activity in the aspect of physiology, pathology of philosophy: what do we know today? Part 2” (Vinnycya, Ukraine)


Courses on Beyond Power Whitening