One of the main factors for the patients is financial part of the whole treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that after patient found out service costs he decided to refuse from treatment, sometimes he put off it, hoping for better times. Our clinic uses individual approach to every patient, organizes required treatment process and chooses methods and materials due to budget. After all, objective policy of price formation is one of the major benefits in our clinic.

Price for performed work depends on pathology complexity and patient’s requirements, crowns and implants. We worked out clear position – our dental clinic does not sell implants or braces, we propose qualifyied treatment. As practice shows, comprehensive dental treatment includes wide spectrum of diagnostic manipulations analyzed by our team of specialists, we describe problems and ways for their resolving, make the most precise plan of treatment. When treatment ends, we develop work plan of patient rehabilitation with many consecutive stages.

This work requires a lot of time and professionalism. During planning the “road map”, doctor must explain to patient, that he came to the clinic not to make money, but to improve patients’ health and as a consequence life quality.

At the end we must note, that without dental comfort treatment will be inadequate. Experts of our clinic believe that today cost of implant or braces cannot be measured clearly, it  depend on the amount of work and spent time needed for complete rehabilitation of the patient.
We attached great importance to the quality of our dental services, that is why our patients can sure of high result of teeth treatment.