The quality of treatment in our clinic starts with accurate diagnosis. Based on correct diagnosis and wishes of the patient, team of professionals who will work on rehabilitation, should make the most properly determine of diagnosis and make future treatment plan. Research, properly diagnosis and planning treatment make it possible for the doctor-stomatologist to predict accurate future condition of oral cavity of the patient. That is why it is necessary to visit the dentist every six months. That allows not only prevent various dental diseases, but also eliminate them on early stages.

Getting the objective data, doctor could most accurately answer the question, what risk the patient may face in the future and what should be done to avoid all undesirable consequences. In those cases, we appoint complex inspection including whole complex of measures. They include radiography, tomography, print models, photodiagnostics etc.

In our clinic, top specialists work on planning of the treatment for every individual patient. Doctors explain to the patient all the problems of disease and solutions. Our specialists works on the fact that every patient who addressed to us for help, will get full information about condition of their dental health and ways to improve it. This will allow the patient to make wright decision what to do next – leave all as it is or make things better.

Planning of the dental treatment is an integral and most important stage of any treatment. Based on diagnostics results, our specialists will plan all treatment from the start to the final result.