Implementation of professional oral hygiene, removal of dental calculus and soft plague is an important stage of dental approaches in our clinic. Before professional teeth, cleaning is necessary to conduct therapeutic, surgical, prosthetics and orthodontics measures. Such actions consists of dental calculus and pigmented plague cleaning. Teeth plaque can be remove in several ways, for example, with help of ultrasonic device. This procedure is painless and nontraumatic and is harmless for teeth enamel. For removing of pigmented plague, we can apply method Air-flow, which is the use of directed filling of aerosol stream containing abrasive substance and water. This method makes teeth two shades lighter. After cleaning, teeth are covered with gel or varnish containing fluoride and can eliminate hypersensivity of enamel.
Oral sanitation – a spectrum of measures directed on health improvement of oral cavity  and prevention of dental diseases. Sanitation should be made during whole life, beginning from a childhood. It consists of treatment of teeth caries, elimination of defects of tooth tissue using filling, removing of decayed teeth and roots, which cannot be treated, removing of teeth plague and periodontal diseases, orthopedic (renewal of dental row) and orthodontic (bite correction) treatment.

Occlusion – dynamic and static teeth contacts that involve all components of masticatory system, including tempolomandibular joints, and jawing muscles, which determine relative teeth position. When gnathology diagnostics determine violated teeth occlusion doctors of our clinic may appoint complex treatment for correction of malocclusion. During teeth rehabilitation and restoration procedures occlusion therapy is very important. Making diagnostic of dentition using occlusion stomatologist can provide maximum possible position in various movements of lower jaw – teeth tubercles. Violated occlusion in our clinic can be corrected in a few ways: orthodontic or restoration. Often for treatment of occlusion pathology effects such as dysfunction of jaw joints, incorrect load on periodontal tooth can be used occlusion tire (kappa). Thanks to the high effect of occlusion, teeth occlusion can be changed.

Osteopathy is a direction of medicine, based on anatomy, physiology knowledge and deep understanding of biomechanics of whole organism. Responsively of doctor-osteopath is very important too. This treatment method is aimed on disclosure of reasons that can develop pain syndrome. The best comfortable position is provided for our patient during treatment.

Violation of balance in human body can be the reason of orthodontic problems. Violation of symmetry in every place of body can cause chain of compensatory reactions. This can be expressed in direct correlation in dentition with musculoskeletal system of whole organism. Orthodontics is field of stomatology, which specialized on diagnostic, prevention and treatment of teeth anomalies or “malocclusion”. Orthopedic treatment or teeth straightening will help to make functionality of muscle apparatus more effective and improve esthetics of a smile. In this treatment slight pressure on the teeth with removable or permanent devices is used, so the graduate teeth shift and straightening is formed. This work requires good doctor qualifications to form correction, compiling proper treatment, using correct instruments and controlling all course of treatment. This is extremely important in order to brought teeth, lips and jaws into correct position for harmonious looking face. Before moment of treatment, most people have a big spectrum of dental problems such as absence of teeth, caries, deformation of the tooth row because of teeth extractions, periodontal problems. So preorthodontic training takes time. Competent approach to every patient is the key to success in quality orthodontic treatment.

Surgery stomatology includes teeth extraction, operations on teeth and jaws, installation of implants and others surgery. The basic principle of surgical treatment is not an extracting but the preservation of the teeth. Extraction is the last thing in surgery treatment. From the perspective of dentists, removal of decayed teeth has several levels of difficulty. Typically, the surgery takes place under local anesthesia, performed with the injection method.

Development of dental services is not static. Today, for many patients, loss of teeth do not cause much panic, since, thanks to implant dentistry, teeth can be restored. In the primary stage, dental implantation is the introduction of jawbone, an artificial tooth root (implant), which grows in the bone and it is a single entity. This makes possible to proceed to the second stage – setting crown that mimics the lost tooth. Implantation using surgery shows the most optimistic forecasts. Typically, the implant is made of titanium, reliable, durable material that does not cause allergies. Furthermore, implantation does not require removal of the adjacent teeth.

Bone plastic in stomatology is a complex of procedures intended to increase volume of bone tissue. Typically, bone plastics surgery is performed with the sole purpose when you want to install implants in sufficient bone volume. It allows you to increase a volume of bone, which is required for high quality fixing of dental implants. As practice shows, bone defect affects many patients. Nevertheless, in most cases bone plastic used during implantation, when you need some prosthetic teeth that are close to each other.
Modern teeth prosthetics has wide spectrum of methods in recovering of patient tooth row with selection of the exact shape, size and color of the new teeth. Our clinic uses one of the most advanced technologies in restoration of integrity of the dentition - prosthetics dental implants using abutments that does not require grinding of adjacent teeth. Such kind of prosthesis consider full replacement of teeth that are missing. Today, one of the most common and most effective techniques is non-removable prosthesis on implants. This will fully replace lost teeth. Dentures on implants can withstand heavy loads; they are fixed securely. Implants can serve as a lifelong patient with proper care.