Panchak Roman


2006 – graduated Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.

2006-2007 – internship at the Novoyavorivsk region hospital.

Since 2007 – works at the Stomatological clinic “Stomatprofy”


Theoretical and practical improvements


Training course on restorative therapy using equipment, materials and technologies of “Dentsply International” corporation

Workshop “Clinical aspects of the use of restorative systems, selection criteria for materials, new materials based on ormocers and nanocomposites, classification of adhesive systems”


Master class “Life threatening conditions that may occur in the dentist's office. Causes, warnings, urgent actions”

Practical course of modern endodontics “The possibilities of modern endodontics and microsurgery: use of rotary nickel-titanium instruments and the best of modern root canal obturation” (Lviv, Ukraine)


International lecture “Modern technologies in treatment and prevention in practical stomatology” (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Espertise training course from the company 3M ESPE “Improvement of clinical and aesthetic result through indirect restorations. Clinical steps of predicted technique in daily practice” (Lviv, Ukraine)


Theoretical seminar “Central occlusion. Central correlation. Habitual occlusion. From concepts to practice”

Lecture “Inflammatory processes of maxillofacial area and their elimination. Disease of the temporomandibular joint. Difficulty of diagnostics. Methods of a typical tooth extraction.

Methods of operations. Prevention of possible complications during tooth extraction operations. Complication of inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area”.

Seminar “From endodontics to restorations. Concept of minimally invasive dentistry” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Seminar “Restoration of coronal posterior tooth side with a favorable prognosis” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Training course “Fundamentals of modern endodontics”

Training course “Teeth restoration. Fiberglass pins”


Lecture “Aesthetic restoration of the frontal group of teeth using the nanocomposite filling material FILTEK Ultimate due to the STYLE Italiano” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Seminar “Periodontology yesterday, today and tomorrow” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Seminar “Planning of orthopedic treatment” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Workshop “Introduction to the gnathology” (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Master class “Perio-concept of dental reception” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Theoretical seminar “Features of therapeutic treatment in pediatric dentistry”

Individual master class “Basic conception of diagnostics and planning of orthopedic rehabilitation taking into account the modern holistic approach”

Microsurgical Endodontics Seminar “Modern methods of anesthesia in dentistry. Emergency conditions in dentistry” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Conference “Multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of dental patients” (Lviv, Ukraine)


Workshop “Hygiene as an integral part of modern dental practice”

Oleksiy Krasnozon's course “Architecture of the daily doctor's appointment” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Practical course of Oleksiy Krasnozon “Extraction” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Workshop “Working with articulators and face arch”

Master class “Direct composite restorations” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Master class “Extraction” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Lecture and demonstration course “Diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic planning”

Lecture and demonstration course “Endodontics in Ukrainian”


“BTI Day Ukraine 2017” (Lviv, Ukraine)

“Splint-Therapy: How to avoid temporomandibular joint disorders. Use of unloading occlusion capa in practice”

Training program “Functional occlusion in esthetic dentistry”

Theoretical seminar “Complete ceramic restoration”

Training program “Functional occlusion in esthetic dentistry”